Who is This Program for? 



#1. Traditional Business Owners who want to learn new ways to promote their business online and offer additional services through online marketing


Russell Flick

Founder & CEO of the Cyprus Communal Guide & Complete Property Management

Public Speaker, Author


I was a very traditional business man and I only run advertising in newspapers and magazines and I couldn't figure out why I was standing still.

Joining one of Pavlina's seminars I was introduced to the idea of  promoting yourself, not only your business as the way you do things in the modern age and it clicked that that was not what I was doing.  


Joining the Personal Branding Academy has made me a lot more confident. I used to hide behind the business and now I stand very proudly in front of it. I hold seminars, I do online training, I do video training and I build my brand online and that has made people trust me a lot more and that has really helped me in my business, because that's the biggest hurdle, once you get that trust, then its a lot easier to do business with people.


I also have a book published which has become the No1 book in the industry and clients are actually approaching me, rather than me having to go and find them. 



#2. Well-established business owners who want to take their business to the next level through social media and online marketing 


Dr Andri Panayiotou (PhD)

Managing Director & CEO at Sentosa Natural Health Centre​

Doctor of Alternative Medicine 


I attended one of Pavlina’s seminars and I realised that I could use all the information given to us to improve my business and take it to the next level. In the Personal Branding Academy, every lesson was different, full of important information that you could put to use right away. Nothing was missing. I also loved attending the practical 2-Day Personal Branding Bootcamp included in the course, which brought together all the members to learn social media strategies live, practice on how to be a professional speaker in front of an audience and how to execute every means to success.


During the mentoring program, I started to update all my social media, from website to Facebook, Instagram and Advertising materials to increase my sales passively. Pavlina’s methods work, if you put time aside and work hard to learn all her protocols and how to execute them in every-way needed for your business. I recommend it to everybody who wants to start an online business or to generate a passive income.



#3. Experienced Entrepreneurs who are looking to rebrand themselves, create something new and

get to the next level


Yiannis Michael

Founder of Biolifestyle Wellbeing Centre

Counceling Psychologist & Bioresonance Therapist


I had a vision to inspire more people, but my way was very low profile. I found about Pavlina's work by following her on social media and saw a person who had worked for years to create a movement around the concept of Personal Development in Cyprus.


Through her mentoring program Personal Branding Academy, I rebranded myself, I started doing inspirational videos which had an unbelievable effect on my business and I attracted many people who were inspired by my videos, were interested in my work and wanted to book me to speak at seminars. 


I also created my own inspirational event called 'Repaint Your Life' which was Sold Out and through its success, is now turning into a movement, helping people build their interior empire and unleash their true potential. 

#4. Coaches and consultants who are just starting out and want to become the top authority in their niche, build their following and sell services, events, courses and coaching programs

Charlotte Donudenu

Life Mastery Consultant & Transformational Life Coach and Speaker


Pavlina  is an expert in branding, and coaching with her has helped me transform my business. She has taught me so many practical things that I’m applying to my business, and it has been bringing me amazing results. In particular, Pavlina taught me that I should connect only with the right people and stop wasting my energy on those who don’t appreciate my work and my time. I’m always grateful to Pavlina for being my mentor and the coach who has changed my life and business.

#5. Goal-oriented action taking beginners who want to start a business or make a transition from a working in a job to running a business


Avgoustinos Hadgiyiannis

Founder & CEO of FSTP Cyprus Ltd

Fire Safety Expert Trainer  


Pavlina has been able to identify my strengths and help me build a business around my unique skills and experience. I cannot highlight enough how much mentoring with Pavlina Papalouka has helped me develop myself and my personal brand as a fire safety expert and starting my company Fire Safety Training Providers Cyprus. I can guarantee you that you will get the results, not only during the mentoring, but for a long time after you complete the program. 

#6. Entrepreneurs who are just starting their business and want to learn how to use social media and online marketing to get leads, clients, and sales


Nancy Elias

Founder of MamaBear Designs



The Personal Branding Academy was very useful for me when I decided to start a business after having a baby.


Pavlina taught me how to build my personal brand online, use social media to promote my products, gave me confidence to get out of my comfort zone and inspired me to try new things such as blogging and creating videos.

What Will I Achieve through Personal Branding Academy?

  • 1. Build your Personal Brand and Promote your Business

  • 2. Use Social Media to Brand Yourself and Attract Unlimited Ideal Clients and Opportunities

  • 3. Create your Marketing Funnel and attract quality Leads and Sales 

  • 4. Create a Clear Vision, Goals, Plan of Action for your Brand 

  • 5. Discover and Overcome your Internal Limitations

  • 6. Discover your Purpose, Unique Skills and Brand Message

  • 7. Increase your Value and get High Paying Clients


  • 8. Have a Clear Brand Image, Message and Strategy

  • 9. Build a Powerful Brand that will help you Naturally Attract the right Clients, People and Opportunities to you. 

  • 10. Become the No1 Authority Brand in your Niche 

How does Personal Branding Academy Work?

Personal Branding Academy includes four major components:

  • LIVE Monthly Training Webinars

    Each month, you get 2 LIVE  trainings with Pavlina at which she delivers a new modules and answers all the participants' questions. The live calls are accessible from desktop, tablet and mobile from anywhere you are in the world.

  • Recording of the Past Trainings

    Can't make it for the live training? No worry, we have you covered. On the Personal Branding Academy platform, you will find all the recordings of the past trainings. You can watch them at any time and rewatch them again, as many times as you want.

  • Interactive Online Coaching

    At the end of each live training session, Pavlina provides interactive coaching to all the mentees. We make sure that everyone has an opportunity to ask questions and we don't finish until all the questions are answered. 

  • Mastermind Community & Support

    Our private Facebook Mastermind group is a space for you to connect and network with other like-minded entrepreneurs who are building their personal brands, get accountability and support from Pavlina and her team. 

Pavlina Papalouka

Award-Winning International Speaker

Personal Branding Expert

Founder of AwakenSpace Media & Education

Pavlina Papalouka is an entrepreneur founder of AwakenSpace Education, seminars organizer, personal branding expert, personal development coach, and award winning speaker. Her passion is educating, inspiring and empowering the new wave of entrepreneurs who want to leverage the power of social media to start a business or grow their existing business. She is pursuing her passion by organizing live seminars and online events, offering online education programs and speaking around the world. 


Pavlina has shared stage and cooperated on live events with some of the world's leading authorities in personal development and entrepreneurship, including Dr. John Demartini, Bob Proctor, Bill Walsh, John Lee of Wealth Dragons and many more. She speaks regularly at the international conferences and seminars in Cyprus, UK, Malaysia, and Singapore.


Prior to starting her education company, she run her own Public Relations and Event Management Agency, taught Media and PR to University students and was a Public Relations Manager in 3 national media groups in Cyprus and Greece. 

If you get a chance to work with Pavlina, you must. She’s an expert when it comes to Personal Branding.

John Lee

Co-Founder & CEO of Wealth Dragons PLC., Public Speaker, Best-Selling Author of 'The Wealth Dragon Way'

And Here is What Our Mentees Say about the Results They've Achieved in the Personal Branding Academy...

Pavlina changed my life and business. With the help of Pavlina, in one year I went from 40 clients who paid very little money to 267 clients who pay me 6 times more the amount I used to charge. So I cannot emphasise it enough how important it is to have a coach and therefore I strongly recommend working with Pavlina Papalouka.



Oliver Klemm

Trading Coach

Coaching with Pavlina helped me gain a lot of experience and confidence. I went out of my comfort zone and started speaking in front of the camera and in public. This helped me a lot to develop my professional skills and grow my sales. I found ways to approach more high-value clients and developing services in the new areas of law, which our family law firm has never offered before.

Irene Elia

Lawyer at Elia & Elia Law Firm

Since joining the program, I have become much more active in my work as a coach, speaker and author. I have started speaking at events internationally, I am writing my second book, I have started new projects and I feel I am a much better coach as well and more focused in my work, because now I have done my homework on what I need to be doing and I don’t procrastinate anymore on my goals.

Elisabeth Villiger Toufexis

Author, NLP Mastercoach, Master Hypnotist, Relationship Coach, Regional Director Cyprus at Global Woman Club 

More Personal Branding Academy Transformation Stories in the videos

Oliver Klemm

Trading Coach, Founder of Trading Coach Oli


Penelope Yiatrou

Women's Weight Loss & Fitness Coach

Tatiana Liperti

Maritime Professional 


Avgoustinos Hadjiyiannis

Founder & CEO of FSTP Cyprus Ltd

Charlotte Donudenu

Life Mastery Consultant & Transformational Life Coach and Speaker

Suzan Marie

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